Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Nice Bandwidth Monitoring Tool jnettop wiki

Jnettop is a traffic analyzer, bandwidth monitoring, 
connections and also displays by amount of bandwidth usage. which connection consume more bandwidths.

Currently, there has been a new version, jnettop-gui  , This new version has java base GUI windows for those who want monitor their networks with GUI.

Most Valuable Features of jnettop.

  • list connections going across this host in a nice way
  • runs on almost any Unix flavor (see Porting)
  • supports IPv6
  • supports customizable text output for further analysis
  • supports machine-friendly mode to support further analysis 
 Download LInks of jnettop.


Jnettop comes with full source code under GPL license version 2. I can only support binary package for Fedora distribution I run, but various other people's work make jnettop easily available on other Linux flavors.
If you don't find the binary here, you can try compilation from source code. It's fairly easy and described in Installation  .


Source Code


Source Code

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