Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chat Client For KDE

Konversation is a Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol client. Really easy to use and well designed for IRC Users, but novice and experienced users alike will appreciate its many features:

Standard IRC features
GUI interface for easiness.
Multiple tab feature with in a single windows
Smart logging
color support for IRC
Pattern-based message highlighting and OnScreen Display
Multiple identities for different servers
Customizable command aliases
Traditional or enhanced-shell-style nick completion
DCC file transfer with resume support
Multi-language scripting support (with DCOP) 

Available deb Repositories

Ubuntu 32-bit 64-bit
dapper 0.19-0ubuntu4 0.19-0ubuntu4
dapper-backports 1.0-0ubuntu5~dapper1 1.0-0ubuntu5~dapper1
hardy 1.0.1-4ubuntu6 1.0.1-4ubuntu6
lucid 1.2.3-1ubuntu2 1.2.3-1ubuntu2
maverick 1.3.1-1ubuntu3 1.3.1-1ubuntu3
natty 1.3.1-2ubuntu5 1.3.1-2ubuntu5

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